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1:1 Personal Training

KFIT offers 1:1 in-person training and 1:1 online training for individuals seeking a more personalized experience. Your individual goals, health history, and previous exercise experience will be discussed in order to create a fully customized workout. Online clients will be required to download the TrueCoach app to access workout programs.

How to Pick the Right Program

In-Person Training

- Minimal experience with resistance training

- Metro/Twin Cities area only

- Access to workouts during training sessions

- More hands-on guidance

- Looking for a trainer to be present during workouts to guide and motivate 

- Specific needs or concerns (injuries, specific goals, etc.)

- Real time feedback 

Online Personal Training

- Some experience with resistance training

- Train anywhere in the world

- Access workouts at anytime

- More flexible workout schedule

- Self-motivated individual

- Typically more affordable

- Ability to train while traveling 

- Trainer can correct form and give feedback through video messaging


1:1 Online Personal Training
Starting at $299/month


1:1 In-Person Training
Twin Cities Metro Area

Ready to start training?
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Thanks for your submission! You will be getting an email soon with further details on the 1:1 personal training program of your choice.

TrueCoach App Features

24/7 Access to Program
View your workout in the TrueCoach app at anytime of the day
Log your workouts, post comments or questions, review past workouts
Client Workout Log
Exercise Videos
Quick access to demonstration videos to safely execute your workouts
1:1 messaging with your coach to ask questions, get advice, etc.
Real Time Messaging
Custom Metrics & Goals
Record exercise history to keep track of goals and progress
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